China Beige Book Shows Pickup Unseen in Official Data
China’s official statistics may be lagging behind independent data that show a pickup in the world’s second-biggest economy last quarter, according to a new private survey modeled on the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Beige Book.

The China Beige Book, through interviews of about 2,000 company executives and bankers, found retail sales and manufacturing strengthened while property sales increased and shortages of unskilled labor failed to abate. CBB International LLC, the New York-based researcher that conducted the survey, provided a summary of the results to Bloomberg New
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5 Questions To Ask of a Book
Reader of this site recently asked me to explain how I determine whether a book is good and worthy of recommendation or whether it is not. That is a fair question and I was surprised to find that I had not addressed it in the past. I will take on that challenge today. It will be helpful to assume that the book in question is meant to address the Christian life, falling under the broad categories of Christian Living or Spiritual Growth or something similar (I would have very different questions to ask of a general market book or of a Christian biography).

Here are five questions, plus a bonus, that I ask myself as I read.
Does It Draw Its Truth from Scripture?

First and foremost, a good book will have a heavy dependency upon Scripture. Whatever truth it seeks to teach will be ultimately drawn from God through the Bible rather than from any kind of human wisdom or experience. In the Bible God gives us the great privilege of seeing the world through his eyes and
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Book printed with disappearing ink eventually goes blank
We hope you read fast, because this book completely goes blank two months after you open it and expose it to sunlight and air. An ad agency called Draftcb recently won a gold medal award at the Cannes PR Lions for its innovative and intriguing publishing idea. The concept, created for Argentine publishing house Eterna Cadencia, is called El Libro Que No Puede Esperar — translated, it means The Book That Can't Wait.

You have to ask, though, in a world where ebooks are starting to dominate, why would a publishing house want to print books in disappearing ink? According to Eterna Cadencia, the concept was created to promote its up-and-coming writers. The publishing house believes you'd be forced to read a book you bought that's going to lose its print within just a couple of months. As the video above says, "if people don't read their first books, they'll never make it to a second." But let's admit it: The idea would only work if people are actuall
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